Some of the generous comments by the visitors:

“On the occasion of “International Old Age Day” I visited the CVNLN Home in Poolapalli. I was very impressed with the maintenance being done by the founder and core trustees. I hope the aged who are residing here  will not remember this severance with their children as the hospitality is very nice and impeccable”
- Komakola Sivaji, Senior Inspector of Police, Palakollu

“My Visit to this old age home gave me a totally different perspective. This did not look like an old age home. One must be lucky to have this facility to stay. I wish all the best and success for this committee.”
- Sri P.Raghavaraju, All India federation of Kshatriya Sevasangham.

Radha Ramana Gupta, Palakollu

Dr. Vegiraju RamaKrishnam Raju, Bhimavaram