CVNLN Old Age Home is a non profit organization which opened its doors to the elderly on 28th January 2010.  The main focus of the charity is to provide a retirement home for the elderly where they will be cared for and supported so that they can look forward to a healthy happy life.

The CVNLN Trust has been founded by Mr. Cherukuri Laxmipathi Raju in memory of his late mother and father. A civil engineer by profession, Mr. Raju owns his own construction company. Growing up in the village of Poolapalli, he watched as sons and daughters slowly migrated to cities leaving their aging parents behind. He wanted to help these men and women. After several years of research he decided to build a home for the elderly at the very same land where his family grew up. And thus the house was demolished and re-constructed as the CVNLN Old Age Home on a 17,000 square feet area which can house upto 100 residents.

Currently, Mr. Raju and his family members form the core members of the trust who oversee the charity. A working committee has also been formed who manage the day to day welfare of the home.